Legendary Chief Playlist Partner

Looking for a LASO Master Chief playlist partner. Someone who is familiar with LASO runs, and has the patience to explain things.

I’ve ran Reach Legendary Solo, but I’ve never done LASO. I really want to 100% Chief Collection and I’d love to find a partner who can spend a couple meaty hours with me helping me out and doing this with me.
Let me know if you’re interested. If it helps, when it’s done, I can give you a 5$ xbox code from Bing Rewards or something lame.

Don’t think it is worth it. You don’t get achievements for doing that playlist. You only get the achievements for the INDIVIDUAL LASO playlists for each game. For example, I do the LASO playlist in Halo 2, and I get the achievement. But I do the LASO Halo 2 part of the Legendary Master Chief Saga playlist and I don’t get the achievement.

I’ll do the playlist with you I’ve been looking for someone who really wants to do this playlist