Legendary Chaos Playlist, imagine it!

I just thought of like the best game mode ever for Halo 4.

-18 players.
-Gladiator style arena, with no cover.Just a wide open arena.
-Every minute everyone gets the same random Power weapon, which is forced.
-FFA game-type.
-Thruster pack for AA.
-Base movement speed increased to 150%.
-Unlimited ammo with default dexterity and grenadier mod.
-Obviously no loadouts.
-Every 30 seconds a mac round hits randomly in the arena.
-Winning score=10,000.

Remember, the goal of this playlist is to be as chaotic as possible, and it is by no means competitive.Nor was it my intention for it to be.

Share your idea’s on how to make it the most chaotic playlist possible.

Randomly Spawning Landmines.

> Randomly Spawning Landmines.

Haha, that would hilarious me thinks lol.