Legendary campaign Mark VI armour Bug

Just completed the campaign and i have received no Mark VI armour. I did do some of the missions offline. Will be more than annoying if i have to re-do these missions.

In order to get the armor you will have to replay the ones that didn’t count. 343i is aware of this issue.

I have the same exact issue, I beat halo 4 on legendary difficulty offline and halo waypoint is not syncing my service record. However, I have found 5 service terminals in the game which I can watch through waypoint. I have all of the game data on my hard drive and my achievements are accurate. If 343 is aware of this, what are they doing? Is there a way to get a hold of a supervisor to manually unlock the armor? I have spoken to a microsoft customer service rep and they weren’t sure what to do after basic troubleshooting steps and referred me to the forums before they escalate the issue when I furiously call back.

I hate this bug… i have to replay the most difficult and annoying ones to get mine now. And I wont do it until 343 has made their judgement.

No manual unlocks.

Complete missions online or they don’t count. End of story. The unlocked armour is tied to the commendations which requires online syncing, not the achievements.