Legendary Campaign Co-op, 18+ only

Title basically says it all xD
I’m looking to play the entire campaign of Halo Master Chief Collection on Legendary. I also want someone who is 18 or over mainly due to maturity (Sorry if I’m being biased - It’s just what I prefer). I also prefer that they have already completed all Halo Games in the past, although it is not necessary.
I’m from Australia so I may be on at odd times, but I’ll try to come on during times that suit (I am also free almost all day and night).
If you are interested, my gamertag is “Gamer Kitty 420”

Hey I’ll play, I’ve already finished just about everything so I’m more looking for par times and scores at this point
Gamertag: DTSULL

(Also from Australia)

from aus aswell looking for a campaign partner, completed all campaigns multiple times except for halo 4 which i only completed on legendary solo once also 20 years old