Legendary Campaign Beat, No Achievements

Good Afternoon,

I tried to post this in the topic discussion for issues with the game currently but it wouldn’t allow me to post a new response. Hopefully this will get someones attention. I beat the game on Co Op first night it was out on legendary and never received any of the campaign completion achievements. If you check my profile all 8 missions are beat on campaign in co op. If I could get anyone to respond and tell me how I may receive my achievements that would be great.

Once again I apologize if this is a duplicate post or topic but I couldn’t respond in any other topic/discussion.

Quick response would be fully appreciated. Thank you again 343 for the fantastic campaign btw.

It happened for me on spartan ops and when I replayed the last mission I played i got the achievement… So replaying the last mission is what fixed it for me don’t know if it’ll work for you though :confused: