Legendary Achilles 7 is recruiting

This post is geared towards those that love to play Halo and want to help us grind the Achilles helmet. We have completed the armor grind, and are now over 50% into the grind for the helmet. Do you have what it takes to help us grind? This is our 7th legion. LA leadership has grinded out over 25 helmets collectively and we wish to continue our helmet grind dominance. We are first and foremost a grind company, once you are accepted you are expected to grind. The current playing time is a MINIMUM of 300 minutes and do not be inactive for 7 days, even then there are commendation requirements that MUST be met or you will be discharged. Only the strong survive, so if this sounds like fun, let’s see what ya got! If you are up to the challenge, follow this link and apply to the company. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/legendary%20achilles%207
Also, once accepted, you will need to join our private discord server within 72 hours. This is a must! You can find the link to discord on our company bio page when you apply.
Good luck to all, and happy grinding!

I would but you already got the Armor. Meaning new members will not get the Armor, just the helmet when it is earned.

Come join us to get the famous Achilles helmet!

We’re 62% complete and based on our fast pace we should get the helmet in another month and a half. If you want to be part of this legendary group then apply today!

Hello guys I have applied to join your company, the Discord link needs to be updated in the LA7 bio as the link has expired or broken.