Legendary achievement

I’m currently working through Reach on Legendary, with my skill set its taking awhile. However, I was curious about some of the challenges, so my question is this: Does the achievement require me to play stratight through or simply accomplish all the levels at one time or another?

I believe you should be fine as long as you complete each and every level from begining to end on Legendary at some point, but I could be wrong. To play it safe though it might be best to just play through in order.

Any order but you must do each level without doing another level before you reach the end.

Thanks all.

Happy to help!

Finally finished that walk thru with 3 big achievements (including the Tanks Beats Everything). I got really stuck on the final platform to the Mac gun, I couldnt get anything to work, the Elites were just too brutal. Stepping back out to the previous location, I gave the shotgun a try, worked like a charm, almost too easy after all the frustration.

The reason why I say that is there have occasionally been a few folks, myself included, that have struggled with “getting good” at Halo. Like everything else, practice and experimentation. A one hour struggle on that last platform suddenly turned into a two minute romp with the right weapon.

That 12 minute weekly challenge though…?