Legal Recourse For Lack Of Service.

Hey guys, for everyone who is upset about the reach servers still down, and for being lied to about play ability until December just to have them already not working. Or for everyone depressed that they will no longer be updated or fixed, I spoke with a good friend of mine who is a Lawyer and he said there is absolutely cause for legal recourse. Mind you this is strictly for those still on xbox 360, not those who have afforded new consoles and upgrades, strictly for those with less spending room in their budget who have had their already paid for services taken away from them, while not being able to financially afford new consoles to play. My friend said wait to see a little while longer and they may fix it as this is temporary, but that if nothing changes - due to the fact so many have people have spent thousands of dollars for this playability, and being told they have until December, that there is a case and potential for a lawsuit.

Thanks guys,

  • Jay