Legacy Service Records

Hi all, is anyone else missing their legacy service records on their waypoint profile? I played Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Reach and Halo 4 back in the good old days with the same Xbox account I am using to this day but in legacy service records the only one that is showing for me is Halo 4. Is there any way to get this data? Tried to login to the original Halo 3 MP and Halo Reach MP but can’t get on the servers obviously, just kinda sucks that it looks like I’ve never played them according to my service record when I’ve spent countless hours of my life in these games. Any ideas?


I hear that they are still migrating data. Maybe give it a little bit of time and it may show up. Data migrations usually happen in waves.

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The Legacy Services that migrate user Data and host playlists on Halo 3, Halo Reach, ODST, and other legacy Halo Titles, has seemed to be working rather oddly the last few months. Reminder that some of these services are approaching 15 years of age and operation. 343i is still maintaining these and will fix the Service Record Issues, however once the services go down in January 2022, it is likely they will save on last time and become a static reflection of your progress, similarly to the way the Halo 2 Service Record is.

TLDR: The data is not missing nor is it gone, the services that reflect them are just not working as intended at the moment.


I look forward to a fix! I hope you are right, but I haven’t heard any official statement regarding the Legacy Service records from 343i (only the old forums / news migrating over.)

I did open a support ticket. Unfortunately it had to be closed as they can only address in-game issues at this time - however they did name Legacy Service Records in their response so I hope they are aware.


I’m missing everything prior to HALO 4. I’m hopeful this is just temporary, and that it is eventually updated. Has there been anything official on this yet?

Having also this issue, support told me to write here in the forums as they cant do anything.

What good does writing in the forum do? If support isn’t going to/isn’t able to help, how would a regular forum user?

I would love to know this as well but this is all they said:

I would instead recommend to go to this Halo Waypoint Forums: Link
since this is something we cannot assist you with.

Halo Agent Zebra

This is really frustrating.
We’re supposed to create tickets for Waypoint issues too.

If I were you, I would reply to the ticket to have it re-opened.


Mine Legacy Service records appear fixed! (for the most part)

My Halo 5 still says I only beat the game on Normal (I’ve done Solo Legendary and have all the achievements) and it has a glitched Halo: CEA but my Halo 3 is back to normal!

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Same here I am missing data from halo 4, halo reach, halo 3 ODST and I think because I played halo 3 for the first time in a long time a while back it overwrite my service data for halo 3 I hope they fix it

Apparently our recon armour in halo 3 and blue flame effect for reach were also stored via their servers because we no longer have them either which is great. Rip to all the people who actually earned recon via the vidmaster achievement’s…

The blue flame I had to scour for some free wifi on my old af 1st gen ipod touch so I could download the bungie app before the 7th ran out lol


Man I was so sad when I loaded Reach after the servers went down and my Blue Flame and Bungie name plate were gone :cry:
Why couldn’t that stuff have been downloaded to our consoles? :disappointed:


ikr… :broken_heart:

Also apparently the halo reach demo multiplayer still functions so I’m confused why that can run but not the actual game itself lol

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I think the working theory is that the demo is running through Xbox Live itself, versus on a dedicated server. It’s probably a lot more nuanced than that but hey.

RE:the thread title, I’m still sitting at 89/13 skulls and 15/10 terminals unlocked for CEA; so it’s there but completely broken. The others seem accurate at least, minus the “no longer updating” thing.


Apparently you can still earn XP in Reach campaign.
I wonder if anyone might level up and see it reflected on Waypoint.

That, or if someone hadn’t completed the campaign yet, and they do now, if it would show on waypoint (for 3, odst, 4 or reach)


I was hoping for a legacy stat transfer to mcc.
Too much work, ok. Geez
But to wipe it from your console is kinda, I dunno…malicious.
This is a true reflection of 343s relation with the og community.
Its depressing.

Dude, that ship sailed 8 years ago.
MCC is it’s own title.