Legacy Servers Post-Shutdown Achievement Solution

So, the servers are shutting down, and from what I’m seeing, a lot of people are clambering for those online only achievements. What 343 should do with those achievements is to slightly change the requirements for them. Instead of having them only online, make them available in custom games. The only issue is the rank based achievements which I think should be sunset with the official servers.

Another solution could be to allow dedicated servers that anyone could run and would act like official servers minus the banhammer.

These are some rough idea’s I’ve had that could solve the problem of shut down servers while also providing a way for players to get those achievements and play online in some facet in perpetuity. Thoughts?


I think that would be a great idea!


Too bad 343 didn’t do anything and they let these legacy games die for good.

At the very least… they could’ve changed all multiplayer cheevos to unlock in custom games so we could finish off any remaining ones, but I knew they wouldn’t go the extra mile for us Spartans.

Oh well… sadly, now those games fade away into obscurity…