Legacy look controls

There were no horizontal/vertical, acceleration, and dead zones in the original games. Besides setting the game’s controls to classic, do you have to change anything else?

My settings are set to where looking up and down is equal and acceleration and dead zones are set to default 5 and 12%.

Those things were in the game, however you were not able to modify them. Only sensitivity.

I agree with you I wish they had the option to use legacy settings. It’s not that more options is bad it’s just that after at least 1000 hours of OG halo 3 my brain expects it a certain way. My sniper shot hasn’t been the same since they overhauled the settings.

I’ve tinkered with the settings a lot. I recommend try putting acceleration up to 10, radial dead zone to 0% and axial deadzone to max 20%. And using modern aim control. Leave your sensitivity as is.

i put acceleration to 10 mainly because I believe the setting at 10 is closest to halo 3’s acceleration. Typically in games I try to turn it off if possible but not in the MCC.

for some reason this has felt more like the legacy setting but with the benefit of the modern aiming pattern thing.

if you don’t like those setting I at least suggest only use one of the 2 deadzones. Using both seems worse