Legacy Equipment

With the aftermath of E3 and Halo 4 now slowly dying, let’s start discussing and making huge assumptions about what could be in Halo 4.

This thread is about what Halo 4 may hold for long term Halo players, people who have been playing it since the beginning. We know that they are able to track our past gaming history, take a look at Reach. So surely Halo 4 would have something, weather it be a bit of nameplate flare, custom skin, gun colours or aesthetic armour pieces.

I’d personally love to see a legacy type thing for Armour.

If you’ve played Reach on your gamertag then you have got Noble 6’s helmet, played CEA then you have the Mark 5, played Halo 2/3 then Mark 6, and obviously if you’ve played ODST then you unlock the ODST armour set.

These don’t have to be locked to everyone, they are just made available at launch.

That’s one thing you don’t really see much of, support for the long time fans of a series. Halo has such a strong community, we’d go mad for a little tid bit of something to show for it. Like the nameplates in Reach, just maybe something a little more prominent

What would you guys love to see as part of a ‘Legacy’ perk?

I agree whole heartedly

i think for the odst legacy, for each of the different halo 3:ODST characters you unlocked, you can use their armours, because there were certain shoulder armours and chest armours in ODST that I have never seen before, and never saw again that i really wanted to use

and one last thing, for the mark 6, should it be the original mark 6 or the new upgraded mark 6 that the chief has?

Halo 4 slowly dying??

Anywho, I’d like to inherit some recon or something. Maybe we get Mk V and VI free if we’ve played the previous Halos. Or we could have katanas again. Or red flame. Who knows?

I think he meant the buzz and news of Halo 4 during E3 is slowly dying…