Left Trigger Smart Link/Auto Stabalize Changes

I am suggesting to 343 the following change be added to arena game play. I have done my research and learned that on any button layout with the left trigger being zoom a player cannot auto stabalize without zooming in a second time. This is quite disadvantageous when playing at a high level seeing as you cannot snipe effectively zoomed in at maximum range. The ideal range is the first zoom or smart link even with the sniper rifle. How about we just add a setting like disable assasinations such as disable zoom x 10 or whatever the second zoom magnification is for the sniper rifle. This would allow for players who use the left trigger for zooming and unzooming for faster reaction times when you want to unzoom by just releasing the pressure on the trigger or zooming by holding it down when in a long range fight so that the spartan automatically zooms in when possible if under diress (taking shots). This would allow for Hell Jumper, Recon, Default and any other layout that has LT as smart link to also autostabalize and use the sniper effectively.