Left to Solo in Ranked

This has happened already twice in a row where my whole team leaves in the beginning leaving me against 4 people in strongholds. How and why is there no mercy rule for me? Why can’t 343 instill something to protect those people who get ditched. Like their loss doesn’t count or something related in that way. It’s really unfair continuing to lose due to uneven teams because my whole or some of my team quit. The game is impossible to 1 v 4 against 20 BRs, I’m not having fun. I literally just give up the moment I see I have no team. I just crouch and hope the enemy teabags with me as they destroy me in points…


Agreed, there’s not really much they can do to outright stop people from quitting but those matches shouldn’t count as a loss on your record.

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The same issue currently exists in the MCC, which released in 2014. The game doesn’t check if there are 4 players in each team before starting the match. 343 hasn’t touched it in MCC, and will most likely not be touching it for Infinite too.

I’m pretty sure you don’t derank from losing those games, but I agree, they’re not fun at all. Keep in mind that there are a lot of crashes for a AAA game backed by Microsoft, so most people probably aren’t quitting voluntarily, as I originally thought.


This ties directly into the “why is there no ability to reconnect?”

I’m really shocked this isn’t a feature.

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Yea I had crashed in one of my placement matches a few days ago and got a temp ban…

True, many games have this feature like Valorant I believe. I’m praying they fix this in the future…

I hope so, wasn’t sure if 343 made it so it counted or not. I’ve had to tough out many 1v4s in rank due to quitters…

Since this post I have had 3 crash to desktop events in around 20-30 matches. I have turned off “async compute” in video settings to see if that had any effect and have yet to have another event (though this is only over 5 or so games.

Interestingly, I have had 0 crash to desktop events in other gametypes, which I have played significantly more games of. That part is very interesting to me. What, if anything, is different about ranked play that seems to be causing this?

As the “leaver” there is a significant impact from this.

Regardless, I could be back in game in under a minute if there was a reconnect feature.

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