Left thumbstick/sprint issue HELP!

Yesterday I downloaded Halo 4 with Majestic Map Pack. The problem is that when i press the leftthumbstick very often my character doesn’t sprint, only begins to or i have to constantly press it run. I’ve change the controller layout, so pressing left thumbstick is crouch and no problems here and with other games like CoD. When I last played Halo 4 2 months ago on the same console and controller i haden’t had this problem.

Any suggestions? I love the default controller setting, but with this problem the game is unplayable.

No idea what it could be but have you tried any of these? :
-check clench protection is on/off
-cleaned the affected area of the controller
-tried a second controller
-redownload the map pack / tu
-my sprint sometimes spazzes around when it lags. check for lag.

Also I dunno if its necessary but I have been told to regularly gently pull out the thumbsticks until you hear a little click. Apparently its supposed to keep the sticks in good condition.

Is your crouch on toggle? If not and you still have problems holding down crouch too, you may have a controller problem. Try other games that make use of holding down the left analog stick.

No problem with crouch and other games.

Ok i turned clench protection on and works flawlessly, but shouldn’t it be set to off?


No it doesn’t :frowning:

Can’t tell ya exactly how do it here on these forums as it may be against the rules.

But the problem is grit and grim which gets between your L/R thumbstick and the circuit board. Over time this build up can cause serious damage. A good internal once over however, should fix her right up.

What you’ll need is Isopro-(Whatever) 70% Alcohol and compressed air, or failing that. A good set of Lungs. *A set of torx security drivers. The rest I am sure you can figure out. Just make sure you let it dry completely before reassembly.

Youtube vids may help with the rest.

Funny thing is that the controller is only 2 months old…

My controller was around a month old when it first began to act up. Same problem you’re having. I was about to take it back for an exchange, (90 day return policy) and thought. Why not clean it?

That same controller is what I use to this very day. I have a keyboard on it, and even the keyboard gets grim between it and the controller. remove it, clean the contacts, reassemble, and it’s working again.

What I mean by “Grim.” - Oil from your skin, food particles, dead skin cells, beverage skim etc.

If you’ve play a lot recently, chances are their is grim all over, under vital parts of your controllers internal circuitry. The A, Y, X, B, bumper pads, and triggers are somewhat sealed, so it take a while for them to accumulate grit under them. But those L/R thumsticks are wide open to the outside.

OP, after careful consideration, I have to add.

I assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for what you, nor anyone else reading this thread, nor any other does, nor does not do based on my suggestion(s.

I was merely attempting to give a fellow gamer some insight to a problem he/she was having.

So if you break your controller. That’s on you, not me.

I tied CoD, the same thing. Just called MS support and they want me to send the controller to them and wait 2 weeks for the replacement :frowning:

My left sticks are always the first to crap out. I -Yoink!- as if there were an achievement for it.

Guys I just want to say that i blew as hard as i can on the stick and magic, it works perfectly. Must have been some nasty peace of dust or smth.