So are there any left handed players that would prefer actually having left handed Spartans? Reloading left handed, seeing the right side of your favorite weapons. Seeing the right side of your screen. Punching people with your right hand or bashing your left elbow in there face for a change? Maybe your not right handed but would like to jut see how a left handed spartan operates? It’s not game breaking. It would literally just take a devolper 10 min to load up the charecter model, copy it. Hit the flip horizontal tool. And then save it into the games files.

Sure they would have to draw more detail for the opposite side of the guns but is it really thT bad? They already have the models. The sound wouldn’t change nor would any mechanics. All that happens is I shoot left handed. And I’m happy.

The end. Anyone else agree?

Good idea! I´m right handed, but i would like to know who it feels to play with left handed models. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be nice, but they’d also have to switch up the full Spartan models so it’s consistent for other players and the HUD would have to be toyed with. Nice idea but don’t think enough people are calling for it so wouldn’t be worth the effort from 343

I remember a few threads calling for this option before Halo: Reach. I guess it’s harder to implement than we think.

This would be awesome but difficult to implement i think