"Left fireteam" - kicked from game without cause?

While I’m in either a lobby or game, at random the game is kicking me and stating “Left fireteam - active fireteam changed”, this is without attempting to join other people, mid game this is happening. Tried resetting game build and reloading, still doing it. Tried resetting xbox, still happening. Anyone have any ideas whats going on?

edit: This occurs in my own lobby alone. Tested network and multiplayer connection, check both great, Down 100+mbs/Up 11mbs, NAT is open, no idea whats going on.

343i another bad gaming experience…

This has been happening to me all day and now I got temporarily banned because of this issue. How are we supposed to play and enjoy the game while this continues to happen? Dedicated servers my -Yoink-! I pay for top internet speeds and can’t play this game anymore with being frustrated due to connectivity issues on your end 343.

Where’s the fix and solution? At least address you guys are looking into this problem.