Left a 3v4 lost 5 ranks

Was rank 11 and got placed in a 3v4 on warlord ts. We start out 2-12 and its very obvious we cant win so i leave. Im dropped all the way down to 6. Fun game.

I don’t mean to sound rude but I probably will.

However, it is good that you lost that much rank. Quiting should damage your rep and your rank substantialy. You made a difficult but not impossible situation even worse for the other people you matched with.

I would suggest that if you don’t like losing rank you stay in game, you’re not likely to lose rank as fast if you play the game though and with enough games under your belt one bad game isn’t going to hurt your KDR that much.

KDR isn’t important this early in the games lifespan, between low population due to bugs and the ranks constantly being reset I’d wait to see what you have in two to three months down the road.

My rank went from 10 to 1 after losing a 1 flag ctf match

And i win one and im back to 11. False alarm i guess