Leaving the ranked match - any consequences?

During my last 5 games on ranked arena I had only 1 with full 4v4 team. I finished one of these matches as the only person in my team vs 4 other players.

Are there any penalties for people that are leaving the match? On XSX I’ve never been disconnected from the server during a match, so I assume that people are just leaving on their own after the match begins.

The other possibility is that some people are frustrated with long time to connect after clicking “Play” so they just restart the whole game. The place on the server is taken and the player is missing. I suppose that happens when I can see a part of a team missing at very beginning of the match.

Anyway, this is the most frustrating thing in MP for me. I’ve progressed from Gold 1 to Platinum 2/3 so far and the farer I go, then this issue is more common.

Your suppose to get a certain time of a ban from playing for leaving any match though the initial times are so short that by the time you get out of the game ,due to loading time are non-existant I Also think the penalty is bugged as you only get it if you leave before the game starts.

Also a major issue is the challanges are making people leave if they don’t get a mode they can do them in. or a map with the weapon they need.

As for challenges - you’re right, it’s an issue. I wish people being serious while playing ranked.
Addition of server browser could be helpful, but honestly speaking, I don’t think it’s fair for ranked. Let it be a feature for a quick play or big teams. But for a ranked you need some level of randomness when it comes to connecting you with other players.