Leaving ranked games

So far today i have played around 20 games of slayer. In every game someone on either team or both teams has left, and when this happens everyone suffers. When you beat a team as 4 vs 3 you gain half as much exp towards your rank which is not your fault and should not be a feature. As the losing team of 3 you still lose the same amount of exp toward your rank as if you were 4 vs 4. I know this is to stop teams for boosting in case they lose but there NEEDS to be a more severe punishment for those who leave games because it sucks having to play 1v4 which has happened atleast 5 times today. This was never so frequent in previous halo games since every game toward your rank mattered and there was no save spot when you reached a new tier.

I have over 5 days of play time in arena and this problem is just getting worse, half of my games a team is starting out with someone quitting within the first 30 seconds.

It’s exacerbated by no social playlists. No one wants to get -Yoink- on during every game they play, so they quit.

I think I’ve lost 16 of my last 20 games. Weak teammates or quits (not that I’m amazing myself).

We need casual play modes… its as simple as that.