Leaving games when it's a 3v4

Have you ever loaded up a 4v4 Game type and been so excited to gain that next CSR Rank? Or to get your daily win pack and maybe get that Req item you’ve been waiting for? But only to be so disappointed to see you’re playing a 3v4 or one of your team mates quits in the first minute of the game? Well what do you do? If you quit you lose less CSR but gain a Ban Strike. If you lose then you lose double the CSR because you lost. Is it your fault that one of your teammates left? No. Then why does 343 Punish those who leave after that first person? I have almost 10 days played on Halo 5 and I can tell you that a team that has any knowledge of the game can stop a team of three from winning just by having that one man advantage. It is completely unfair that 343 punishes those who leave in a 3v4 situation. Whether they are leaving because a team mate quit or lagged out it doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t count as a ban Strike. But if it has to count as a Ban Strike then there should be some form of detection to see it was a 3v4 and then the losing team should lose no CSR for their rank because it was not their fault that they lost. They were at one of the biggest disadvantages that you can have in Halo 5 which is being down a team mate in a 4v4 game type because the ranked game types you don’t get another team mate. 343 Needs to add some form of compensation for a team playing 3v4 whether it forces the person who quit to keep rejoining like it does in League of Legends, or it should kick the whole game back to the lobby as a Draw and find a new player for the team with the man disadvantage, Or the losing team should just lose no CSR.

Also the penalty for leaving within the First Five Minutes of a game should be MUCH MUCH MUCH Harsher. I’m not talking about a delay before they can join I mean they should be banned from rejoining Arena for at least a full 15 minutes because that would the length of the game that they left would have been. But punishing players for losing 3v4’s is something that has to change it has been a problem since Halo 3. I just really hope that something is done about it soon.

Tell me about it I cant quit out of one single match now for that exact reason because everytime I do I get banned for anywhere from 40 minutes to 8 hours its bullsht my teammates quit out in the beginning of the game at least 4 or 5 times a day when I play so obviously there little banhammer isn’t doin sht to make the problem any better

They could also make an incentive so if you win the 3v4 game you get 25% more xp and req points to commend you for being one set of boots down. It could be a bonus for the CSR also