Leavers in quickplay

For the love of god, please ban people who leave the match within a minute for an entire -Yoink!- hour. Im tired of having teammates leave quickplay games because its not the gamemode they want to play or need for a challenge. Im -Yoink!- tired having to play with bots on my team that cant do -Yoink!-. Also, make it where if there is more than 1 bot, have the difficulty set to odst or spartan so they can actually be of use.

I dunno about bans in Quick Play for just disconnecting, but players who stick it out should get a reward that scales on the number of bots, say, 10XP per bot? Though regular D/Cs or players refusing to play the game mode should absolutely be banned.

Blame.343 for not making a Slayer only playlist.