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Hi I am Prometheanman From Rebellion Gaming-We had opened a new squad already and looking for people to join.
We are looking for people who-

  • Can attend a Few meetings Mon-Fri 8:00 EST - Has Halo The Master Chief Collection - Has A Mic (For Easy Communication) - Enjoys Playing with Other players - Meets Our age Requirement **Please leave a reply:**Below I will further explain things we prefer in our recrutes and information about our Community.

To start off we are a diverse community in Halo the master chief collection,we have meetings Monday thru Friday.Meetings are composed of players joining the hosts lobby voting,suggestions,comments and questions are coordinated be team colors.Everyone has a set of Colors Clan Tag and squad Tag to determine what squad they are in.Monday-Information Night, Tuesday-Custom Games Night, Wednesday-War Games Night, Thursday-Generals choice, And Friday-Free Night.
We are open to all types of players and attributes we have a website and a YouTube Channel,We are also open to suggestions to change and grow are community.I hope you are satisfied with are community and willing to grow and Join Rebellion Gaming.
Message Me at my Gamertag:PrometheanMan Please leave a comment and like and share this post. Thank You

Message me on XBL