Leave here your weapon feedback ! ! ! nerf? buff? rework? lets help 343 a little for future updates!

Reduce the lunge distance of the Energy Sword.

We need more promotions involving womens beauty products. I’m just glad that my favourite violent video game franchise is being managed by a company who really knows what the audience wants… I have zero doubts that this game will be a masterpiece within the next 3 months.

Honestly, everything except the Pulse Carbine is in a decent place… Provided you have the mechanical skill to use each one. After practicing and getting down weapons like the Commando, I’ve come around to it a lot and think the nerf it got from 7sk to 8sk was probably a good call. A 7sk commando would slaughter the entire sandbox with a mean 1s TTK.

The Pulse Carbine though… It just needs a complete rework. Ditch the tracking gimmick and go for something that puts it’s performance entirely in the hands of the wielder and their ability to lead a shot.

At this point, I just want the Netcode to not be as bad as Black Ops 1 or Street Fighter V on Release… no matter how amazing a weapon is, if I am shooting blanks at my opponent then every weapon is gonna at some point feel like a nerf dart launcher. Maybe once the servers are running like they should, weapon balance can finally be a proper discussion, unless these things can be tested in LAN games…

I think a lot of people misunderstand the purposes of each weapon. There are maybe 3 guns in the game that I find to be not worth picking up, they are the Disruptor, Plasma Pistol, and Ravager. The disruptor and plasma pistol are just to specific situationally to justify trading out the AR or sidekick for. That said, I don’t really have an issue with the weapons, at the end of the day these are the campaign weapons of the Grunts and the Jackals AND they are sidearms… they shouldn’t be strong. The Ravager needs a buff.

Tier 1 Weapons (Commonly Available)

  • These guns are all situational, they have flaws and that is OK.

Assault & Tactical Rifles

  • BR75 Battle Rifle (Kinetic / Burst / Mid):
    Perfect the way it is, this weapon already cleans up. It’s reliable and versatile, however it can still be outgunned by the AR (close range), the Pulse Carbine (mid range combo’d with a sidekick), and the Commando (Commando has the fastest TTK I believe, if you can hit your shots with it).

  • MA40 AR (Kinetic / Auto / Mid):
    Also perfect, the AR has never felt better IMO. It’s range is respectable but not overwhelming.

  • Pulse Carbine (Plasma / Burst / Mid):
    I thought this gun was trash for a long time, then I learned how to use it, now it’s one of my favourites. One of the most unique weapons halo has made - it excels at mid range, while it is useless close range and long range. Perfectly balanced Tier 1 weapon.

  • VK78 Commando (Kinetic / Auto / Mid):
    I prefer the BR, but the Commando is fun to use. It’s a risk vs reward gun. It is challenging to use but when you hit your shots it has a faster TTK than the AR and BR. I see a lot of people suggesting it should go back to a 7 shot kill, that may be an option but it would probably be OP, I think it is fine as is for a common weapon.


  • Disruptor (Shock / Semi-Auto / Mid):
    Fills a role by EMPing vehicles and delaying shield recharges. The only buff I would consider would be slight boost to the chain lightning damage, potentially making it a better option for engaging multiple enemies than an AR. This would give the disruptor a better role, it still wouldn’t outgun an AR 1v1 but it might do better than an AR in a 1v2 situation.

  • Mangler (Kinetic / Semi-Auto / Close):
    Fine the way it is. The gun itself is pretty useless to be honest but it essentially gives you a one hit melee… which is a pretty standard option for all shooters (replace your secondary with a one hit melee).

  • Plasma Pistol (Plasma / Semi, Charge / Close):
    I would say in order to make this weapon a more viable option the charged shot needs to be more reliable. At the end of the day this is a Campaign weapon, so it’s fine.

  • MK50 Sidekick (Kinetic / Semi-Auto / Mid):
    I find this weapon actually pretty challenging to use - and thats good because it rewards skill. I know it can outgun the likes of the AR and BR in close range, I still prefer the AR for my skillset.

Tier 2 Weapons (Controlled Spawns)

  • All of these weapons should be considered an upgrade over the AR and Sidekick.


  • Needler (Kinetic / Auto / Close):
    Satisfying getting the jump on an enemy, knowing they cannot escape the pink mist. Perfect.

  • Sentinel Beam (Hardlight / Beam / Close):
    Best the sentinel beam has ever been. It’s not a very interesting weapon but it is unique and serves a purpose in campaign.

Sniper Rifles

  • Stalker Rifle (Plasma / Semi-Auto / Long):
    Looks like the Carbine, plays like a nerfed Beam Rifle. A great gun for campaign. I loved the Carbine but I understand the change. 3 shot kill makes it an upgrade over the BR, but it does require some skill to hit your headshots.

  • Shock Rifle (Shock / Beam-Burst / Long):
    I’ve seen posts on here claiming this gun is weak and needs to be reworked? This gun combined with the BR carried me to a Grim Reaper in BTB, a one shot head shot puts this in the same category as the S7 Sniper, its almost better considering you get 12 shots vs 8 with the Sniper. This is my favorite variation of a Covenant Sniper in any Halo game, it is very unique… I think this honestly should be made a power weapon. Keep it a one headshot kill, 3 regular body shots (balanced compared to the Sniper with the chain damage, which can be buffed liked the disruptor), change the clip to 6 shot instead of 4. I love this gun.


  • CQS48 Bulldog Kinetic / Semi-Auto / Close:
    The bulldog is cool idea in theory, however I think this needs to be replaced by the classic M45 Shotgun. 343 cut guns clearly in an attempt to make the sandbox more pure, to make every gun more unique - which I 100% support. That said, the Bulldog is not unique. The Heatwave is already a Semi-Auto shotgun, the M45 Shotgun with its higher damage but slower pump action fire rate would make the UNSC shotgun unique compared to the Heatwave. The classic shotgun is also a necessity to counter the Energy Sword, I think the Bulldog needs to be relageted to the status of “variant”.

  • Heatwave (Hardlight / Semi-Auto / Close):
    The richochet semi-auto Shotgun is very cool and unique. A good variant to the classic Shotgun.


  • MLRS-2 Hydra (Explosive / Semi-Auto / Mid):
    Perfect. The 4 round lock on kill is hard to escape when caught in the open. The 2 shot direct hit kill is risky but rewarding.

  • Ravager (Plasma / Burst, Charge / Close)
    This is the one weapon that really needs a buff. I’m not sure what the answer is. The area denail aspect is interesting, perhaps that should be buffed? The primary fire is useless though, so maybe that needs the buff. The challenge is when it comes to buffing a burst fire gun its a fine line, maybe it needs to be reworked to a semi-auto fire with the rounds having more damage, and a small lingering plasma fire which can be used as area damage / lingering damage like the disruptor? I’m not sure, but the Ravager sucks right now.

Tier 3 Weapons (Power Weapons)

  • One shot kills and such, a cut above the rest (which is why the Shock Rifle belongs here… Classic Shotgun would be a oneshot kill in very close range but that’s a different story compared to a ranged Weapon).


  • S7 Sniper (Kinetic / Semi-Auto / Long)
    I’ve played Infinite way more than other Halo’s, I see no issues. I think it does too much damage to vehicles… which is only the case because the Spartan Laser is gone. It’s vehicle damage should still be releveant, but it should be more in line with the Shock Rifle’s EMP than the Skewer.

  • Skewer (Kinetic / Breech-Load / Long):
    A great addition, but it feels more like a Spartan Laser variant than a Sniper. I don’t get why so many are against the Spartan Laser. It is less useful than the Skewer in a non vehicle map considering the long charge time, and in a Vehicle map its a good counter balance to enemy vehicles. In BTB, when one team manages to get both scorpions or both Wasps I think a Spartan Laser would be a good counter balance. With 25% per shot you could only get 4 kills max likely, which is not OP. I think there is a place for both the Skewer and the Spartan Laser, bring the Shock Rifle into the Sniper category.


  • Cindershot (Hardlight / Semi-Auto)
    The ricochet feature is great, but the guided fire feature is kind’ve useless. I think the Cindershot needs to have an air-burst feature where it detonates when it comes near an enemy. It already pulls enemies towards explosives so this would help. Right now i find myself shooting directly at the ground near my feet instead of at enemies, which is odd for a power weapon.

  • M41 SPNKR (Explosive / Semi-Auto)
    OP, which is perfect. They need to fix the glitch with uneven surfaces doing no damage.


  • Energy Sword (Melee / Close)
    Bring back the secondary melee for fast swinging duels vs lunges.

  • Gravity Hammer (Melee / Close)
    Bring back the standard melee attack using the butt end of the hammer.

In summary I think the sandbox is really good as is (aside from the Ravager). That said, I can think of 7 weapons that could be added to make the game better:

Tier 1:

  • Plasma Rifle (Plasma / Auto / Close):
    Seeing the Plasma Rifle in the new Halo TV series makes you realize how iconic this weapon is. Lore wise it has to be in the game. Since the Banished are now the main force in the game, I think the plasma rifle could be added as the “Brute Plasma Rifle”. Red plasma to differentiate it from the Pulse Carbine. It would basically be the AR but more effective at close range (slower projectiles) and better vs Shields.

  • Brute Spiker (Kinetic / Auto / Close):
    The Brute Spiker is also an iconic brute weapon. It should shoot heavier projectiles like the mangler, giving it more damage than the AR but less accurate and slower projectiles reducing range. Like the plasma rifle it would be classified as an SMG due to its effectiveness at close range.

Tier 2:
Tactical Rifles

  • Light Rifle (Hardlight / Auto, Semi-Auto / Mid)
    With the Shock Rifle becoming a tier 3 weapon, it makes sense to add another precision type weapon for Tier 2. What’s missing in the game is the ODST SMG and the DMR, so I imagine this gun being a mix of both. One fire option would be a full auto fire option which is like the SMG… I think it would be very satisfying seeing rapid fire mini hardlight projectiles flying towards an enemy. Then a secondary fire mode would be that of a DMR, making it a precision range weapon as well. This gun would essentially just be a Tier 1 SMG and a Tier 1 Tactical Rifle combined into one weapon. It isn’t as strong as the Stalker Rifle or the Sentinal Beam, but the versatility justifies its position as a Tier 2 weapon.


  • M45 Shotgun (Kinetic / Pump-Action / Close)
    Explained already as a Bulldog replacement.

Heavy Weapons

  • Brute Shot (Explosive / Auto / Mid)
    I’ve seen a lot of people requesting the Brute Shot, unfortunately the classic Brute Shot cannot return to Halo since it has already been replaced by the Hydra (and the Cindershot / Ravager in some ways). That said, Halo lacks LMG representation… I think the SAW needs to make a return and the Brute Shot should be its counterpart. I imagine an automatic grenade launcher type weapon… firing explosive projectiles that have a small area of effect. Think of a 12 round belt fed magazine which can be unloaded on an enemy. It would probably take 4-5 shots to kill. The balance to this would be that the Brute Shot is a hip fired weapon, therefore it should be inaccurate (which is why you need the auto fire). Like an LMG, you should need to ADS to have any accuracy at range however the ADS should be slower than most weapons (trade mobility for power).

  • M739 SAW (Kinetic / Auto / Mid)
    Basically a stonger AR with more ammo capacity. As mentioned above, in order to balance this as a Tier 2 weapon the SAW should require ADS for any accuracy at range which trades mobility for power.

Tier 3:
Heavy Weapons:

  • Spartan Laser (Explosive / Charge / Long)
    Another iconic weapon that needs to be in the game. It would balance vehicles in BTB and it isn’t overpowered as a Tier 3 weapon as it is essentially worth 3-4 kills.

That is my feedback, not perfect but all in all i think Halo Infinite’s sandbox is great, it just needs a little more depth. I’m happy with the approach they have taken, unique weapons in favour of redundancy. Now that the game has been out for months it is clear what can be added. It is easier to add weapons than remove them.

Needler secondary function

I would like the Needler to have a secondary function/alteration when you pull the left trigger, like the Hydra and Heatwave. I suggest this second function should be for the needler to function like a Needle Sniper, like the Needle Rifle from Reach. So when you pull the left trigger it zooms in like normal but it uses full length needles so takes less shots to supercombine but at a slower firing rate, in straight lines and without the tracking capability.

New needler reload animation

I also would like to see a proper reload animation which shows needle ammo being loaded into the weapon. It’s the only kinetic weapon in the game which doesn’t show the actual ammo it utilises. I’m thinking the pink oval crystals from the level ‘343 Guilty Spark’ in Halo CE as inspiration for the physical appearance of the ammo.

AR: No changes it’s perfect for once.
BR: Same
Commando: Buff damage and remove bloom. Keep recoil.
Sidekick: Make a 4sk, remove bloom and reduce fire speed. Stryker keep same as is except make it 3sk. Add weapon variants to ALL matchmaking playlists! Including Bloodblade and Diminisher of Hope!

Nerf: AR range, it shouldn’t be competing with a Br at mid range. Maybe more spread.
But it often beats out ranged weapons.

Buff: plasma pistol: charge speed too slow to aid in a fight.
No more noob combo.
And the regular shots aren’t effective either.
Give the charge a splash emp effect, and have the basic shots eat shields but suck vs health.

Commando and stalker riffle: are weapons trying to be 2 things and kinda suck at both.

Stalker riffle needs lower zoom or 2 zoom levels.
Its not a carbine br is better, and it can’t 1 hit not a sniper either.
Low zoom setting fires faster.
High zoom fires slower uses more ammo but kills in 2 headshots.

Commando is a heavy auto rifle that can headshot but loses to the Ar at close and mid range.
And has more bloom than a dmr on steroids.
Long range only viable in 2 shot bursts.

Fix: bloom needs to reset faster if you aren’t holding trigger.
More knock back when being uses as an auto.

Hydra: look how they’ve massacred my boy.
Shorter lock time, 2 shots should kill.
Either faster projectile speed or better tracking.

Side kick, a little slower but more damage.

Heatwave and bulldog: shotguns that aren’t shotguns?
Neither can achieve a 1 hit kill.

There needs to be an exception.
Bulldog headshots or close range to the back should 1 hit.

Maybe the heatwave becomes a slug shotgun when zoomed?
Or has a charge feature that costs 2-3 shots.