Leave here your weapon feedback ! ! ! nerf? buff? rework? lets help 343 a little for future updates!

Hello Spartans, let us debate a little about weapon feedback. what do would you like to be changed? what weapons are useless and needs buff or reworks? leave your comments here! and remember to respect everyone opinions !

this list is my personal opinions about most weapons. leaving the good ones to the end without comments!

As it is Right now, I feel melee is way too strong… Im ok with it killing in 2 blows but the Startup and recovery from the hits should be slower…. A BXB shouldn’t beat a BxR…. Also, 343 should reduce the lounge of the melee hit… its an arm… not a Sword…

Sidekick pistol:
Slow the fire rate of this think… people using it as an AR and beating BRs is frustrating… more if you add the bad ping and servers of the game as it is right now.

This is a shotgun…. This weapon should kill in 1 single shot when close or at least the reload should be faster…

Useless right now… it only works against vehicles (sometimes) but takes too long to kill a Spartan… damage to Spartans should be higher or lock down should be faster.

MA40 Assault Rifle:
Almost fine, the spread needs to be augmented so people can’t use it effectively at long distances. Out of that, weapon is fine.

I don’t even know how to use this thing… it is supposed to be a BR rival (like the DMR) but I rather keep my pistol or AR instead of taking this weapon… it is really not effective and the TTK is very very long. Not to mention that it is not consistent, crosshair sucks and bloom shouldn’t be a think. The Aim with this weapon is all over the place; it feels that this Weapon doesn’t have any Aim assist at all…… Maybe rising the damage while lowering the fire rate a little to stabilize the aim?

Sentinel Beam:
For campaign use only…

Pulse Carbine:
Useless… not even know how this works….

Needs Rework… like, why would you change your BR or AR for this? this weapon is really situational and useless most of the time you are carrying it.

Maybe more damage?

Shock Rifle:
Good weapon but I think shock damage should be better or cover a little more distance….

Shots bounce as much as grenades… should explode on contact with the ground IMO.

Needs a damage buff… yess… really…. A lot of time I have shot someone next to them use to only lower the shields… IT’S A POWER WEAPON, that kind of things should not happen…

I think these weapons are good enough right now and shouldnt be changed at all:

Energy Sword
Gravity Hammer
Plasma Pistol
S7 Sniper
Stalker Rifle

Remove the bioshock looking, non-Halo looking electric weapons. Make the PP the EMP.

The gravity hammer should have around 50-75% of the current cowbell physics as default.







Make explosions not look like cartoons.

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AR:: needs range reduced

BR:Fine as is

Melee: remove the lunge mechanic.

Sidekick:not sure what this needs

Bulldog: make it a shotgun either make one shot kill at short range or increase it’s fire rate.

Hydra: Damage needs increased vs spartans.

Commando: what is with 343 and trying to overshadow the BR? they did it in halo4(they nerfed the BR’s range and gave the DMR more range)) and i see the commando doing it again, again the BR IS SUPPOSE TO BE A REPLACMENT FOR THE DMR

Heatwave I thought the bouncing projectiles homed in on enemies…

Pulse carbine more of a longer ranged Carbine ,but i’d prefer the old carbine tbh.

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Yeah, shock rifle EMP’s vehicles way too easily. Plus the lack of vehicle friendly maps + made out of paper = bad day.

As for OP I agree with a lot of points. but

Melee, I think the biggest culprit here is lunges don’t work as intended, and desync.

Rockets = desync

Sidekick needs: Slower Rof, less bloom, and 6sk instead of 7. This should be competing with the AR and BR. Not a gamble win, or a gamble loss. It’s not that fun to use.

AR needs the biggest overhaul. I’ve had people strip my shields and half my health at long range… with full auto. that’s just ridiculous. It needs an accuracy nerf, and 3 to the head to stop lucky headshot kills. I never been this frustrated with a weapons balancing before. This overall lowers the skillgap. pretty much AR > Every weapon in the game aside from rockets.

Commando needs better accuracy in full auto. That’s just way too much. Needs a slight buff and I think it would be in a good place.

We need a casual BR playlist, because myself and others can’t stand AR. Make BTB BR. It’s the most boring experience ever starting off with an AR in BTB.

Ranked needs an overhaul. No reason to go up rank when you lose when you have anything over a 1.3KD. There isn’t any MMR restriction. It causes boosting and unfair matching. MMR doesn’t even make sense if you win. I can go up a sliver, or half a bar… fighting nearly the same level of opposition. Sometimes you even go down. If you look at halotracker. There are WAYYYYYY to many people in diamond and onyx ranks. Placement matches are whack too, my friend went 4-6 soloQ and got Diamond 1… lol… Plus they take into consideration your social MMR… why?

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Only weapons I have a problem with is the shotgun, sword, and rocket launcher.

Shotgun has to much ranger. Power is perfect but ranger is just unreal.

Sword has to much ammo. Often times in ranked matches people and keep the sword until a new one spawns.

The rocket and sword both spawn way too often during ranked matches. They should only spawn twice per match. In my personal opinion.

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Rocket’s only have 2 ammo in ranked.

The bigger fish to fry is the gravity hammer. I’ve had 3 of them in ranked lmfaaaooo. They rarely run out of ammo. Sword is close, but it isn’t that bad compared to this thing.

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Weapons that I feel need the most deserved work are the Commando and the Ravager.

Both weapons were actually rather decent in the BTB Flight. I actually downright loved the Commando, actually preferring to pick it up over the BR during the Flight, but that didn’t mean I found the BR inferior to it or anything. They were both good guns; I just liked the design and versatility of the Commando a little bit more. The changes they made to it since the Flight (taking one more bullet to kill and something else I forget) actually impacted it far more than I expected it to to the point where it has the reputation it does now. I think a reverse of the changes and back to how it was in the Flight would make it a decent weapon again.

People were actually picking up and using the Ravager as well back then. They’d hop around, with the Ravager actually devastatingly disorienting, where if you didn’t see it coming you were going to get destroyed by it. Was actually very effective when enemies were gathered around a point on Total Control and they’d start bombarding it with the Ravager. Maybe not a complete return to form but definitely roll back what was done to it as well.

I find the Bulldog, Battle Rifle, and the Assault Rifle to be completely fine as they are now. Maybe a slight fire rate increase for the Bulldog but I’ve been satisfied with it and people have really been picking it up and destroying others with it when playing it right. These weapons all feel very balanced - excelling when you play to their strengths and being defeated most of the time when you play against them. The Heatwave can be lumped in there with them; good enough as it is right now, its range and damage being tempered with its need for more precise aim with the added bonus of ricocheting to damage/kill if you’re lucky or have some feel for where its gonna bounce.

The Sidekick is a tricky one. I want to say its fine but I do concede that there could be a little bit of concern with how fast it can kill at close range - faster than the AR if you land all your shots. That’s the key thing though: being able to land all your shots consistently which does take a bit of skill to be able to do consistently. Some of the pistoleros out there can be pretty devastating but they’re rather few and far between in my experience and the AR is a lot more forgiving with its rapid fire rate. I myself will swap to the Sidekick when I’m in a situation where I can preemptively line my shots up (such as knowing where and in what direction an enemy is coming from) but when you’re running around searching for enemies that can just pop up in the chaos of battle, I do still mainly use the AR with the Sidekick in its backup role.]

Pulse Carbine could use some reworking. The damage is rather ridiculous if you can land your shots, but that tracking is just absurd. May be nicer if it could act a little more like a Storm Rifle or the Type-51 Carbine, maybe.

Disruptor Pistol…honestly, what’s the point? Its really just a weapon you pick up when no other EMP option is available when you know a vehicle is coming but it just feels pretty inadequate even in that role. Its just too niche that you can just dump the thing and give the Plasma Pistol back its EMP effect and I think a lot of people would be fine with that solution.

Shock Rifle I think is fine the way it is. For those who didn’t play the BTB Flight, that thing was ridiculous: not only EMPing but hitting like a Sniper Rifle, able to annihilate Wasps or other vehicles with one mag. The way it is now where a Perfect headshot is the way to play and having some EMP utility usage makes it a decent weapon all around and needing some good skill/aim to bring out its full potential against enemy Spartans. With vehicles like the Warthog still able to use their turrets even after being EMPed, I don’t think its EMP effects need a nerf and it definitely makes Wasp pilots play a bit more cautiously when they know that’s on the field.

Hydra is mostly fine. It can quickly annihilate vehicles if they’re in range for dumb fire, with the tracking for some problematic vehicles (the Wasp) making it a good counter against them. When it comes to Spartans…I think maybe the Splash Damage could use an increase? Three direct hits to kill a Spartan sounds right to me but I think it could use a bit more in terms of Splash Damage.

Rocket Launcher, my only criticism is that its Splash Damage also feels rather weak. There’s a lot of kills that I didn’t get that I feel that I would’ve gotten had I been using previous iterations of the Rocket Launcher and I think its due to the Splash Damage. Maybe bump that up a little.

Stalker is fine as it is. Its two to the body one to the head capability makes it a devastating weapon - its just a rather weird one to get a feel for, especially when it comes to long range as it has some travel speed that I’m still struggling to get a firm grasp on. But, man, on an open field with that thing you can just pick off Spartans easily.

Mangler is fine as is. A return to its one-two punch capability back in the Mauler days can be very effective when played right but still able to pull its weight in a gun fight with its three headshots. I don’t think I’ve seen any bad things spoken about it.

As much as the Skewer has become that one weapon where everyone else can hit their targets with pinpoint accuracy while I’m uselessly flailing around with the damn thing, I think its fine as well. Not as completely dominating over the vehicle space as the Spartan Laser used to be.

Needler is…fiiiinnne? I don’t know. I want to say it could use some reworks like the Pulse Carbine but there’s definitely been a lot more instances where someone can really wreck me with the Needler and vice versa where I can’t say the same for the Pulse Carbine.

Most of the power weapons are fine such as the Cindershot and the Sniper Rifle. Gravity Hammer…the wind-up time can really screw with me but considering how devastating that thing can be in close quarters I think its a good trade-off. Sword…I think I’m with some others in saying that the Sword could use less ammo. People can really carry that thing nearly all game if they conserve it enough.

Sentinel Beam is rather good too. Little tricky to keep that beam on target but if you can…hoo boy. Getting my Sentinel Kill Challenges let me experience how it can literally melt people.

I believe that’s all the weapons.

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Just saying, they’ve had a decade of feedback…

dump all of the banished weapons the recycle bin and set that computer on fire, and throw the commando, sidekick, bulldog and green gun in too.



  • Mangler needs to be removed and or made far less common. This weapon is absurdly OP and it just hurts so many aspects of the gunplay. Most obvious on Bazaar

Everything else:

  • Plasma Pistol needs a buff
  • Ravager needs a buff to its AoE ability
  • Banshee needs to have more health

Everything else is well balanced I feel :thinking:

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I hate the commando just as much as i hated the DMR in Halo 4 the BR is the replacement for the DMR yet in halo4 they made the BR WORSE THan the DMR!

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I have no issue with the ammo of the rocket launcher in ranked. I have an issue with how often it spawns. Power weapons should spawn twice a match.

I want to like the Commando but it should hit harder than it does, it’s a terrible weapon.

Is it an LMG or a DMR? It fails at being either.

Replace the commando with the old saw from halo 4… we already have the BR and it’s been a staple to halo since 2 only missing in reach due to it being in lore expirmental at the time…

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IMO, most weapons are fine, here are the ones I think need some fixes.

Plasma Pistol - needs better tracking to be useful really, hopefully an easy fix.

Ravager - the flights had it pretty well, super nerfed now.



Do you understand why pickup weapons (especially power weapons) exist?

Basically what you are suggesting has never been the case in any Halo game so I think that’s nuts.

I don’t mind power weapons in 4s being what they are. BTB is another beast entirely. lol

Everything is good as is, but the plasma pistol needs meaning and purpose.

Honestly? Underwhelming.

Assault Rifle - great but the range makes it overpowered and totally cramps the new BR’s style. The AR is supposed to be an exclusively close-range weapon.

Pistol - just another in a long line of handguns that make me miss Captain Keys’ sidearm.It’s not bad. But it’s nothing special and the original was special.

Battle Rifle - as everyone says, is a beautiful throwback to Halo 2 that is completely overshadowed by the overpowered Assault Rifle. And the thing is, since the AR negates the point of the BR, I now forego the BR entirely in favor of the sidearm because it has the same range and fires faster AND the AR-centric combat pulls everything in closer range anyway.

Commando is absolutely useless. They said “let’s take the DMR and make it work like the AR.” Except it’s not an AR. It’s useless at close range, not as good as the BR or even AR at mid-range, and not accurate enough for long range.

Pulse Carbine is a sad attempt to replace both the Carbine and the Storm Rifle, which was a sad attempt to replace the Plasma Rifle.

This is my biggest issue:
Without the DMR and Carbine , there is no mid-long range weapon. They were both at the perfect zoom-accuracy combo that allowed you play the midfield. You can provide overwatch for your team, push back an enemy that’s overpowering your teammate, give them cover as they run past you with the enemy flag. In skilled hands, they could fight off a long-range sniper just enough to push them behind cover but not actually take them down unless they dilly-dallied. Now, this position is completely vacant. The Stalker Rifle is your best option here but it’s more geared towards sniping.

Bulldog - never pick it up anymore and I rarely see others using it. It should not take two shots at point-blank with a shotgun. The old one was so much better.

Plasma Pistol is worthless now and they gave its best feature to the Shock Rifle which is ridiculous. A long-range EMP is just plain stupid. Plasma Pistol charge was strong but you couldn’t down a Banshee across the map with it, which can now happen to you thanks to the Shock Rifle.

Disruptor - I have yet to see anyone use this even one time in multiplayer. That’s all you need to know.

Stalker Rifle - pretty cool addition to the Cov-excuse me, Banished arsenal. But it’s a little underpowered as a sniper and too sniper-y to be a true DMR/Carbine replacement.

S7 Sniper Rifle - honestly feels a little clunky? Idk. The Snipers in previous games felt so smooth and snappy and I’ve just found the S7 to be kinda rough in my hands, more difficult to track moving targets.Haven’t figured it out yet.

Why did all of the Brutes’ weapons change since Halo 2&3? I was excited to see them back specifically because their weaponry was so chaotic in combat compared to the much more organized and precise tactics of the Elite-commanded squads. It added more texture to the gameplay. Brutes used to chase you down and blast you off the map; it was all unrestrained aggression. They have no business having their own precision weapon ( Skewer ), even if it is just a giant spike.
Ricocheting the Brute Shot was so much fun and the Brute Plasma Rifle heightened power in exchange for quicker overheating made perfect sense for their overly aggressive&less tactful combat style. They’re Brutes. It’s in the name.

I miss the SAW too. Like, I’m okay without it but it really rounded out the game having a power weapon that wasn’t long range and single-shot.

Why did they reduce the power weapons’ ammo supply? Used to get 12 shots with a new sniper, now it’s 8. Also, side note: maps are designed with more nooks and crannies to encourage close-quarters combat. Every little thing just points to them trying to force everyone to rely on the AR, I think because they’re trying to reclaim Halo 1, 2, & 3 quality gameplay. But the thing is, the classic AR had a role in the game which it played perfectly. The game wasn’t built to force you to rely on it.

This is honestly my least-favorite Halo multiplayer. Not solely because of the weapons but they are a big piece in what seems to be their goal of making a game that no longer feels like Halo.

Commando: Oh boy does it need a buff. I giggle to myself everytime a marine yells at me for taking its commando away. I’m like “Bruh, I’m doing you a favor.”

Jokes aside I present my evidence. The commando was originally supposed to be better than the BR as per the lines in the campaign. The marines cry everytime I give them a BR in exchange for the commando. For a high impact rifle, it doesn’t do much to the shields.

Revert the damage nerf and opt for more recoil or spread. Nobody picks it up if there’s a BR on the field.

Plasma Pistol: Complete trash. Needs buff to pretty much everything.

Sidekick: It’s okay. I still think it needs a buff to its close range bullet magnetism(bullet bending). Some shots just don’t register like they should. This shouldn’t be the case in the ranges its meant.