Leave "fiesta" in the game. is not like we can get more event stuff anyways!

Fiesta was ,for the little time it was there, the best and most fun mode in Halo infinite so far, so why take it away? is not like we can can get more event challenges from that mess of a thing that you call progression system. Wait… you don’t want players to farm xp from other challenges since it has random weapons, isn’t it?
Geez 343, one can see your Greed from kilometers away…


I honestly felt like it was terrible, I never liked fiesta.

That being said,

There’s really no point removing it. It works as intended, people have fun with it, so I don’t understand why it would be removed. The game only got 3 gamemodes so far and making one just to remove it again sounds… dumb?

Fiesta was definitely a fun game mode if you ignore challenges. The challenges, and their oddly specific requirements, made the game mode a little stressful.

I just made a post similar and agree it was the most fun mode so far and did not rely on a team cornering power weapons, it needs to be a permanent feature as I think it worked perfectly.

I had seen it was still there after reset and thought oh okay so getting challenges like heatwave kills will be just a bit easier but after a game or two it was gone and that really really sucks, they shouldn’t be taking modes away only adding them…

Exactly let those people like myself keep playing the Fiesta, which is fun. Let us play. Stop taking what we want away. make it perm

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