Leave ban is simply unacceptable. Especially when game crashes STILL happen

So uhh, im banned for 20 minutes because my game crashed yesterday and I was being TK’d in grifball today. I KNOW this post will do nothing but I want the admins to know, even if you aren’t doing this for free; you work for a company that is fundamentally, to the granular level, bad at it’s job.
Thanks. That is all.
I’ll take my ban with some fries on the side.


20 Minutes for a quit? Usually It’s 15. Did you have crashes earlier that day?

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If your ban is up to twenty minutes either you have been quitting quite a bit of you game is crashing a lot. Don’t quit so often and when you do get a crash here or there your bans won’t be so long.

@LethalQ I don’t think you understand the point, why in the hell do people deserve bans for disconnects? Why is there a timeout ban system in the first place? Its social, I can understand when ranked gets ban systems like this but even before that they need to fix the disconnects because this been a problem for a very long time.

Just because there is no rank involved doesn’t mean you aren’t ruining the game experience for others. Without the bans quitters would be even more rampant.

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@LethalQ if disconnects weren’t a regular thing, I wouldn’t be against it but sadly disconnects are a thing and that’s the point of this conversation. And social is for fun, these crazy ban times aren’t a good thing for a player base of a few thousand players.


So the argument is since there is disconnects players should be able to quit as often as they want? Sorry but I disagree. I will say, from my own experience, when I do disconnect it’s in H3. I also have noticed that if you turn the custom skins off you should disconnect less, if at all really. Another thing that helps with disconnects is use a wired connection if you can. Third it’s best to do a hard reset before playing MCC just to ensure you have the strongest connection possible.

The game doesn’t have a large enough population to warrant bans.


@LethalQ What a nonsense, again the point is disconnects, having a wired connection and stuff is pretty standard haha. The game is not working properly. They failed MCC, its a good concept but the original games worked way better and I prefer 30fps Halo way more than 180 fps glitch fest.

Was about to say this. If I get a REALLY bad match (like a team of noob randoms vs a full party) I leave as there is no enjoyment there at all. I usually just go play something else that doesnt screw you over.

This is total garbage. The game is CRASHING which then leads to a ban….what rubbish!! No, my internet is not dropping out, nor quitting games, the game just freezes and then crashes and it seems to be happening at least one to two times every day. So far I am up to a 20 min ban….nice one :face_vomiting:

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You playing on Series X/S? Because if you launch the game using quick resume each time you play, the game will crash eventually. Try quitting the game app each time you are finished playing. Also disabling new (lame) customization will likely stop this happening too, if the first thing ain’t applicable to you.

i agree the leave ban in Halo is unacceptable

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Yeah this is a mature way to approach a potentially solvable issue.

How long have you been experiencing crashes? What does a crash look like?

Can you post your specs?

@Freak_A_Fan targeted harassment is against CoC

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I never use quick resume on any game as it seems to create more problems than benefits. But what does seem to make a difference is disabling skins/customisations as it hasn’t crashed since :+1:

343 is great at making a new “feature” a users problem. Want to play with new skins? Too bad, we didnt take time to optimize and prevent crashes.


I’m glad to see that you got it figured out.

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They’re not going to do anything about it. If they do, it will probably be a limit to how many medals you can add per day.

Doesn’t bother me none. I’ll just add a bait medal to every post of his on this website.

Two can play at that game. See if he likes his notifications being blown up.

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I really enjoy the game disconnecting then getting banned. Then 3 games later it disconnects and i get another ban. I’m running a pretty decent rig (I7 and 1080, 16gb ram WAY more than is needed for low setttings Halo online) and I get either 'leave" AKA the client freezes and I have to restart at least 3 or 4 times a day. Why am I getting punished for YOUR mistakes? If it’s the client disconnnecting from me then give me the benefit of the doubt. Well this took up my first ban of the day so… here we go again.