Least Useful AA

Vote which AA is the least useful to you. State why, then list the others and explain their uses. example:

Sprint: Point A to Point B in 1/2 the time
Evade: Dodge grenades, and gunfire. Harder target
Armor Lock: Anti-vehicle. More time for teammates to come rescue you
Hologram: Waiste the ammo of enemies using power weapons.
Drop Shield: Quick healing to teammates in the open battle away from MedKits
Jet Pack: save yourself from otherwise deadly falls, reach the top of buildings quicker

Cloak *useless: have to crouch and move or else cloak goes away. Radar jams not only enemies (giving away the fact that someone is invicible right next to you), but also you and your teammates. AND, invisibility is noticable. Distortion in air is clearly seen

ignore the other topic with the same name. it was an accidental post before i could create the poll

Cloak and Hologram

Cloak- is useless and is only good for temporarily camping in plain sight.

Hologram- is pointless and you can tell if it is fake easily.

Hologram always needed a buff, took people like a week to figure out how to tell the difference. If i havnt seen one in a bunch of games I might be surprised once but then ill be expecting it.

The biggest problem with hologram is that it clearly appears as a gray dot on your radar. It would actually be rather useful if it showed up as an enemy contact.

I hate cloaking though. I’ve had to betray teammmates from time to time because they leave their cloaking on everywhere and screw up my radar.

Hilariously, Hologram can be quite effective in BTB if the entire team uses it all at once on an oncoming enemy. They have an epic panic moment.


Hologram for sure.