Learning from the past for a decent mix?

Lets get started:


New campaign items should be in as well as the fallowing:

Armor Abilities:

Sprint -> Default for Spartan players. Doesn’t really run out but used for extended periods of time you’ll go slower if you don’t rest. This means say my spartan has been sprinting for 15 seconds and another players spartan starts sprinting behind me the other players spartan could catch up.

Evade -> Default armor ability for elite players. As with Sprint it should have infinite used but also have a down play of being over used. Like the down fall of over use could be use it to much to quickly and the evades start covering shorter distances until the elite is given a chance to rest.

Jetpack -> Pick up able armor ability that has a limited use that players will have to fight for. After it runs out of fuel then then player goes back to their default armor ability depending on race.


Bubble shield/Drop shield combo -> Much like the drop shield armor ability this would be an equipment like the bubble shield. You will pick it up and get to throw it out. After usage you don’t have it anymore. Like the drop shield it will take damage to a certain point as well as heal anyone inside it. Healing and being damaged both deplete the health/charge of the device until it is destroyed/out of health/charge.

Trip Mines -> Face it we all miss placing these randomly around a corner we know a lot of players do sharp turns around. It also helps to balance out anti-vehicle play.

Active camouflage -> Just bring it back like it used to be in Halo 2/Halo 3

Over shield -> Justt bring this back from Halo 2/Halo 3


Just bring them all into Halo 4. Seriously a combination of each and every weapon from all previous Halo titles would be nice. I want to see carbines, needle rifles, DMR, BR, H:CE Pistol, Halo 2/3 pistol, Halo: Reach pistol, everything from them. Beam Rifles and foxus rifles. Snipers and spartan lasers. This also means the grenades. I want plasma, spike, frag, and firebomb grenades.


Look at weapons. they should all be their. Also upgrade the mongoose so the driver has duel SMG guns on the front to shoot as well to help out the poor mongoose drivers.


Well yea all games need some sort of story mode so this is a given.

Anything else added is just what ever ti me. Forge maps added to matchmaking so far are all crap so I don’t even care about that.

Finally fix the damn spawn system!

Gosh i hate AAs -.-

If we’re going to keep Evade and Sprint, which i don’t want, we might as well just trash the ‘‘jump’’ button in the garbage-can because there is no need for that when you have evade.

Sprint, Evade, and every other AA sucks.

I can’t believe people don’t notice how sprint slows the game down. I say trash sprint, evade and all AA’s. In reach i feel like they added them just because they wanted change. Change just for the sake of change is horrible.