Learning Curve for New Ric Players

So I’ve been playing consistent games of Ric since the DLC two weeks ago… I don’t seem to remember having NEARLY as hard a time as any of the non-champs players I’ve played with today. The game seems pretty explanatory, and even without the explanations, I feel like the objectives and spawns are pretty intuitive…

Is anyone else experiencing an extreme lack of smarts or even common sense when playing ric with players today?

I got a triple kill on their goal, cleared two dudes with a carbine and quickly switched to the boltshot for a distanced kill. I was top mid in Haven shooting at red Team in their base. The carrier literally ran over to their base, turned and looked back at our base, started heading that way, and then turned around and threw the ball in. This guy wasn’t the only one. In another match I saw two players running at the enemy goal and standing in it like KOTH, but they were just crouching. Not even trying to deny the other team access to their defensive position, they were just sitting there, they got killed SO many times.


> Is anyone else experiencing an extreme lack of smarts or even common sense

That basically sums up everybody outside of competitive playlists, even more now since competitive Halo is dead.

No, you know what, sorry to double post, but I’d rather be productive.
I’m going to transform this thread (I don’t want to saturate forums) with Ricochet tips for each map, where what weapons spawn (if different for each map) and I’d like to see what other people come up with. What are good positions to throw the ball from mid/deep, and what alley ways grant several paths into the enemy base.
For example, on Haven, is it better to rush the middle of the map for the goal, or try to move the ball around the sides, utilizing the drops and lifts? I have seen both work, but generally a slower run around the ring yields a more sure goal. Has anyone tried to use bottom open? Mohawk seems to rarely get played, other than just an alley way. Could that be a strong position to hold in order to slow down players? It seems like goal tending on Haven only works so well.

Lol, perhaps they think it’s Capture the Neutral Oddball?