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Wow, that BR seriously needs to be nerfed.#

JK, bad link. Lock Thread plz

Is that armour lock?


BTW reported


Don’t click on the link it’s nothing halo 4. Unless I got the wrong link.

Guys, just report and move on, this profile is spamming links and re posting old threads. Also it is a misleading title, and he is stupid.

Report and move on!

you sir, are the opposite of a nice person…

Wow…seriously that video is made in 09 didn’t you even look at the date this video had?

Monitors lock this thread plz!

haha. what the hell.
It’s like a spanish family and a dog/kid barking. wtf!!

This doesn’t belong in any of the Halo forums. Report and move on.

WOAH, THAT GAMEPLAY IS SO EPIC! And they improved the graphics since E3, this has got to be the best looking video game ive seen in my life, it looks even better than the Halo wars CGI!

Edit: Lol guys don’t be tattle tales and report this video, its a cute video! I mean it’s so adorable :slight_smile:

This is real

Those graphics, man. Those graphics…

It has nothing to do with Halo 4. Reported.

> This is real

Yeah, real life.

my response


> my response

LOLZ. Good one XDD

> This is real

No, this is Spart- I mean spam!