Leadership Positions Open

Hello I’m FlamingBaconMK, recruiting for a gaming community called the Sith Remnant. We are opening up a Halo 5 division, hopefully the Remnant’s first active game.

At the moment, we are made up of experienced members of the Halo 5 clan community, as well as quite a few skilled administrators. I personally have 4 years of experience in the military community, and have led a couple of clans as well as being high up in many others. There are others in the Sith Remnant who are more experienced than I am, like Darth Baum. Together we’re going to make a tightly-knit community that lasts, first expanding to Halo 5 (as I mentioned) but later moving to multiple games.

For more info go to our (unfinished) website.


There are several open positions for Halo 5 squad leaders. A squad leader is responsible for 6-12 members. You’ll train them and be our point of contact to these people. It’s expected that we will get at least weekly updates, and that there are a minimum of one successful training or other activity a week (which is organized by the squad lead).

There is a one-time offer: if you are interested in becoming a squad lead, you may do so. There is a three-week period to set up your squad. The requirements for this offer are as follows:

You start by contacting my gamertag via Xbox Messages. We’ll do a short interview, and I can answer any questions you might have. In a three week period, the squad leader must recruit at least 6 members. Recruiting is defined as getting them on our Spartan Company, Xbox Club and Discord. One training or other scheduled event is to be held once a week, with screenshots. There is a meeting and a bit of a practical test to see if you’re squad is up to par at the end of the three week period. If you’ve satisfied these requirements, you’ll become a squad lead and we can assist you with filling the rest of the spots in your squad.
Higher positions are available if you demonstrate exceptional leadership capabilities.

What are the advantages to applying for squad lead in the Sith Remnant rather than, say, starting my own clan?

Simple: insurance. It’s a lot harder to run a clan that it is to run a squad. Let’s say you start a clan, and can get 6 members in 3 weeks, and have 1 training a week. Good for you. However, there are still issues to deal with: you’ll have to find decent leaders to help train, recruit all members yourself, as well as deal with drama and maybe even clan wars. If you have to leave for a week or two, there is a very good chance your group will fall apart. If you join Sith Remnant, we can be your insurance, helping to recruit members, keep track of members, satisfy individual needs, provide for multiple time zones, provide structure and large 16-player events.Thank you for your consideration, and have a nice day.