*****leaderboard reset for halo wars*****

Sorry for the irritating title, I just feel it’s the only way to potentially get someones attention. Anyway, this thread speaks for itself. 343 Doesn’t do much for Halo Wars. I was just wondering if we can have a Leaderboard reset again. It’s not that much to ask for, really.

Please don’t reply “Why does it matter” or anything like that. If you don’t get it by now, you never will.


Anyway, there’s really no point for a reset if they aren’t gonna crack down on boosters. 343 won’t do anything except tell us to email Microsoft since Halo Wars is their responsibility now. Too bad they don’t give a crap either.

Resetting the boosters isn’t the reason I want the reset. The game is at the point where people only boost during free gold weekend. They’re very rare anyway. I want the reset to give the leaderboard some new players and it brings old players back to reclaim there spot. Makes for interesting competition.


The leader boards are not constantly reset. The last reset was about 2 years ago I think.

Leaderboards constantly reset? REALLY? There has been 2 resets in 3 years.

The last reset was maybe 10-12 months ago, I think.

I’m with you. Please reset the boards 343! Someone should send them an email or call them.

It has been reset the last patch…However if they reset again, it will only happen again where the boosters will do it again…You can not prove if someone is boosting unless they admit it.

Theres barely much of a leaderboard anymore why reset it?

what’s the point of a leaderboard reset when the same no life people are gonna boost again? Don’t get me wrong , I would like a reset aswell maybe some try hards are gonna searh again. But within 2-3 weeks you will have boosters.

Reset is good for the community. Word of mouth brings people back to play it. I’m all for a reset :slight_smile:


Most of you are missing the point. Let me be clear. I DON’T CARE ABOUT BOOSTERS!

I’m not asking 343 to monitor the leaderboards and ban every booster from the list. Even if that’s what they SHOULD be doing, I’m not asking that. All I want is a simple reset. It’s -Yoinking!- pathetic that this thread will go unnoticed by every mod. Do your -Yoinking!- job and give the community what it wants.

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Resetting the leader board is the only way to fix boosting on halo wars… Unless you remove true skill leaderboards altogether

All the boosters will have to buy new accounts if the lb was reset. -Yoink!- get the money and everyone else can have another go.

A leaderboard reset would be nice because, besides from the boosters, it would give a chance for people who only got decent at the game recently (me) to really show themselves and I’m sure there are plenty of people like that out there. I used to be one of those “Rushing Generals, why dont you play for points?!” kind of guys early on last year and I would often lose games. That messed up my true trueskill ranking and I’m only searching at a 40 in 2s and a 38 in 3s when I know I should be higher. It is nessecary I think. Just a leaderboard reset every 6 months or something along those lines would be appropriate.

don’t let the no-life boosters who are 40 year old virgins living in their mother’s basement ruin it for everyone else.

My brother-in-law, pokerpro18 , is atop the leaderboards in 1v1 and 2v2 deathmatch… he doesn’t boost, he’s just good.

Also, I play with the others on the top in other games and they don’t boost, they are actually good.

Maybe you can do a reset for standard, but I know most of the top 10 are legit. For deathmatch, anyway

They should have never reset them in the 1st place. All my hard work being erased just killed my motivation to play it anymore. Also lack of updates, new maps etc.

It really is time for a reset.

i would love a reset also since my stats were ruined by my conection issues

Thank me if youve played me and my rediculous “hold the fort” on Terminal Moraine xD

Every time that map comes up, i hold one of the side bases with my entire army. Sending crazy amounts of support to my allies as they go blindly into the enemy territory.

Do i want a reset? Yes. Yes i do. Halowars needs new leaders. And having the same 4 people at the top all the time is pointless. 2 out of 4 of them dont even remember they OWN halowars.