Lead designer for halo ce & 2's thoughts on micro transactions

Interview with the lead designer for halo ce and halo 2 from 5 years ago;


Pretty much sums up how most of the community feels about micro transactions…


I’m guessing he no longer works for Microsoft.


Echoes of a bygone age, sadly.


Not trying to defend 343’s monetization tactics but F2P + Cosmetics can work and has proven to work, but making it the core focus of the gameplay loop to siphon money out of your playerbase is just not the way to do it.

That’s what Infinite has done.
What games should do first and foremost is always provide the game first, then cosmetics second. Infinite went ahead and designed a game around the cosmetics system (a bad cosmetics system btw) and as a result, the gameplay user experience itself suffers.

Think about it:
If there were more customizations by default, there will be less need to “unlock” cosmetics through a weekly, there is no need to pad out the challenges, there is no need for challenge swaps, there is no need for the player to stress themselves over these items.

Halo Infinite is really a subject worth writing a thesis about: How the focus on profit has fundamentally changed a product for the worse and ironically become anti consumer, resulting in poorer reception and poorer sales.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

343/Microsoft doesn’t care about our or a devs opinion. Infinite is being treated as a business and it’s a good portion of the reason on why this game is in a very poor state.

That’s the huge difference between the original Halo’s and whatever this is because I don’t even know what to call this game other then a huge mess.


A dying star.

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