LE PreOrder, specializations not unlocked

I pre ordered the limited edition of Halo 4. It was supposed to have all the specialization unlocked from the start. A month in I have no specializations unlocked. I am at SR34. I called Xbox customer support about it and they told me to post on the forums here and someone will get with me on it. they also said that the problem would be fixed by November 30th, but that day has come and gone and still no specializations unlocked.

Same here, I’ve got the Limited Edition and have redeemed my code and downloaded the items but when I play the game they are all still locked. I’ve re-downloaded as well but it doesn’t make any difference and I’m getting bored now.

You need to reach SR 50 before you can choose any specialization.

Like Hyper said, you have to reach 50 first…