LE Early Specialization Access Deception?

Okay guys. So I bought the LE and have my early Specialization access code redeemed. For my first Spec., I chose Rogue. I just now reached SR-60, granting me my next choice. However, I find that Wetwork and Operator are my only two choices now. So what’s going on here? Is this the same for you all? Was the LE “early” Spec. access vague? Have we been deceived? Any response is greatly appreciated.

I had the same thing happen to me. Did you try redownloading the content?

its a glitch caused by the faulty servers, This has happened to me too. it will fix its self if left alone or you can try going to the dashboard and back on again. if that doesn’t work youl need to wait till your off the back up servers

As said above, it’s just a minor bug. It’ll fix itself.

Just went to the dashboard and it’s working now. Thanks guys.