LE content on multiple accounts, same 360

so I heard that armor customizing items are tied to one profile and this is was intended… May I ask why??

I’ve seen lots and lots of topics in different forums of angry users who didn’t know about this…

the war games pass says that the content is available to all users on the same system. It does NOT mention anything that the two helmets are locked to one profile…

I know about content in other games that is tied to one account if that content is redeemed ingame with a special menu (like Ubisoft’s Uplay), but I never ever experienced (except avatar items), that content which I downloaded with the normal xbox dashboard is tied to only one profile.

So my question is: are these prime skins and helmets actual unlocks that you can get if you play the game enough? Or is this just a disguise for on-disc content that got “unlocked” by a small file which you download (like in Sf x Tekken)?
That would mean I have to buy the season pass multiple times for every profile to get all of the content that I already bought with the Limited Edition?

Halo Reach also had this “unlock” files for armor customizing items, but those items worked for every profile

Fable III had unlock files for preorder / LE content that were only available to one profile at launch, but it was a bug and they fixed this with a patch

343i, are you considering to change this? If not you’re disappointing many Halo fans who love to play the game at home with their friends

I also feel like I was misled. I too thought all other users on my console would be able to use the DLC based of my experience with Halo Reach and other games.

I hope 343i at least address the issue and gives us a solid answer.