LE breakdown

-Forward unto Dawn in one place
-Awesome behind the scenes of FuD
-a few cool fluff stuff
-nice steel case
-okay avatar stuff

-Lied about Bringing Gameing into reality video
-Bad weapon skin(opinion)
-FuD is a stream and can have bad quality
-no dvd for FuD
-some of the fluff stuff was stupid

-Recruit Prime, it is pretty cool but it is the standard armor and skin is not easily visible in team game types.
-Season pass, I will hold opinion until I see the numbers on people who got it free compared to actual buyers and pass owners.
-specializations, We only got them for two weeks, but don’t have to wrry about the whole email thing.

What are your civil opinions?

I got it as I have with every Halo before (LE that is) I have even in the past gotten each X box that was halo themed (3, reach, and 4) so to say I am a die hard fan that is willing to spend a bit more just because its the special version is an understatement.

So when I say I will most likely not be buying LE for 5 if 343 is offering it, you can see that’s a big deal.

The most agrivating thing is that we got nothing physical this go around other than a few slips of paper. We didn’t even get a player manual for -Yoinks!- sake. We didn’t get a hard copy of FuD, we can just stream it? That is uber lame. Halo 3 game me a nice helmet, reach gave me a statue, and 343 couldn’t bother printing an extra disc?

I feel a bit slighted, I mean, I can watch FuD for free online ANYWAY, I have never used the pass to watch it nor will I ever need to.

I honestly feel like the LE was part of a bait and switch.

Reason 1: Specializations. At first, 343i stated that LE owners would have access to specializations…specializations that the rest of the population wouldn’t have for some time. Then they changed that early access to 14 days after launch…hardly enough time to reach the first specialization (SR60), let alone use it before the rest of the population caught up.

Reason 2: Map-pack sanfu. A big drawing point of getting the LE was a discount on future map packs. Now that a huge percentage of the population received those maps for free, without paying for the LE or $10. If no reimbursement is given to LE owners, I’m going to be quite upset.

Reason 3: FUD. Streaming it online only? I can do that via Waypoint, Youtube, etc. What a rip-off to sell this as a benefit of the LE.