LDS Gamers is looking for recruits!

LDS Gamers is looking for casual family friendly players to join the company! We are a friendly christian based spartan company that respects the values and views of others. We are close to getting the Achilles helmet but are in need of more moderately active players.
We have halo nights every Tuesday and Saturday nights at 8:30 mountain standard time. Depending on how many show up we normally play either Big Team Battle or Warzone on those nights. These aren’t mandatory for company membership but are normally pretty fun.
There is no requirement for how often you need to be on but if you do join it’s preferred that you play at least once a week if possible.
We are a group that chooses fun and clean conversations. We promote respecting each other, looking out for each other, and keeping our language appropriate. That being said the only requirement for staying in the company is to adhere to the LDS Gamers code of conduct which boils down to promoting a gaming environment that is free from toxicity, vulgarity, and malice, keeping our language and humor family friendly.
If you would like to join simply look for the company name LDS Gamers and click on request to join. To expedite the process it would help to message my gamer tag TeancomPMG.
We look forward to meeting you!

I’m interested! Christian too!

Yeah I’d totally like to join :slight_smile:

I am interested. Don’t play too often anymore, but I do get one or two days in a week. Sometimes even daily

Hey, I’m a LDS Utahn and I’d like to join! Sounds like a fun group.