Launch Site should be removed from the Tactical Slayer playlist

the map suffers the same pitfalls that plagued Behemoth before its removal, map is far too large and wide open which allows for you to spawn directly in front of an enemies crosshairs and be killed before you can even get a shot off

Only marginally better than Behemoth in that 30% of the time you’re reliably behind cover instead of 15%

this map genuinely makes me want to close the game every time I see it in Tac Slayer, it just doesn’t work for the mode


It should be removed from all the playlists.


Launch Site needs to be removed from the game permanently.

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Call me crazy but I think Launch Site somewhat works on Tactical Slayer.

Normally it’s drawn out matches due to long sightlines, quite a lot of cover and “long” kill times.

For obvious reasons, Tactical Slayer somewhat fixes that with short kill times as long as you hit the head.
Matches aren’t really extended in the same way Fiesta ir Quick Play is/was.

But no, even with all that I don’t really like the map enough to want to have it around.

Launch Site is just a large unbalanced mess.

Tactical slayer on Launch Site should come with complimentary tents for the amount of camping that gets done.

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I liked the map but nobody wants to play it I guess I’m out of luck so be it.
I am curious though If you could change something in the map so we didn’t have to get rid of it what would you change? :thinking:

My personal opinion is that the map is too large for 4v4.

It also feels like a map that was only designed for one game type: One Flag CTF. Trying to play other game types is frustrating because it wasn’t designed for that. The balancing is off. For example one side has the high ground because it is meant to be the side that defends the flag. It’s designed to be a more advantageous position for killing because the objective in One Flag CTF isn’t killing it’s to prevent the other team from capturing the flag.

Also, I don’t like the One Flag CTF game type in general. So that probably influences my dislike for a map specifically designed for it.

Im with you on this one for sure. Launch Site does not play well in the slightest.

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I actually like launch site, but they REALLY need to switch the repulsor with the grapplehook.

If you’re not able to swing across, there’s no way to flank or come up behind the enemy unless going through the main building, which you’re just going to get picked off from the bridge.

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Trying to see my keyboard typing this cause of 12 shots of tequila

But I reckon Launch site needs to go bye bye, my experiences with this map is, I want to back out, but I don’t wanna dog my teammates, but I end up leaving when it’s about to get Steaktaculared

How can I see my keyboard