Launch Site should be removed from the game

There is no game modes that make this map function, there is no fun to be had on this map.
A good team can spawn trap you easily.
The layout makes any and every game last till it times out.
It’s too big for 4v4. WAY to big for 4v4.

90% of my time spent on launch site is sitting around waiting for the enemy team to come out of hiding to have a 20 second engagement and then its back to hiding and waiting.
It’s the Worst map in this game by an order of magnitudes and Everyone that ive spoke to ingame agrees.

Im yet to play a game of launch site where there isnt atleast 4 leavers on each team. NO one even sticks around to play it. It’s so bad that it hurts.
We got GREAT 4v4 maps and then theres this disfigured black sheep of a map looming over your queues. How did this map even make it on the roster???


idk i enjoy it well enough

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It is the worst map the game has launched with. It’s not fun, nor comfortable to play on. Literally one side spawns with all the vehicles and a man Canon to the opposing team. It makes zero sense. It also feels like a forge map more than it’s meant to be a map that is played on.

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for modes like slayer I see it as bad. for 1 side ctf it makes perfect sense

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It just doesn’t play well for either. I like the concept of the map. A launch area for the sabre program. But realistically it pales in comparison to countdown which was both a great concept, AND a great map to play on that was usable for a myriad of modes.

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One flag matches on launch site are a joke.
9/10 times the rounds just time out and no one gets a cap. Its trash.

I agree, I think its the worst map so far, however it still has a lot of fun moments around the rocket side of the map. Each area feels well designed, it is just that it is horseshoe shaped instead of a full circuit so you can’t keep moving around efficiently, you have to spend time commuting across a lot of redundant space to get back in on the action.

I feel like if they added a few more of those slingshot/catapult ramps on either side of the large gap, it would make the map play faster and more efficiently in a 4v4, and then the rest of the horseshoe road part can be for getting vehicles around and trying to sneak around with sniper rifles.

I like the idea of it, Slayer becomes a real mess though (how can a Tank AND a Wraith even fit on this lol).
The idea of the map is interesting but I guess it’s off balance.

Definitely my least favourite map, there is potential, as others have said the idea is cool and the mix of open spaces, tight pathways and multiple levels is good, it’s really just the layout that I think is the biggest problem, I don’t think it does a good enough job of funnelling the fighting and I think when you add the vehicles into the mix they don’t have enough places to really go and the spawns really seem one sided.

Its a cool map but I agree, its extremely one sided for a team mode. I have only played on it once with and it wasnt hard to notice theres problems with it. My team was the one spawning on the “trap” area. Suddenly the enemy team had scorpions and wraiths because they spawn on their side and we only had a single warthog…

The game mode was fiesta so it wasnt too bad, but there were moments i had to give a free kill in order to get a better weapon because it was extremely hard to get out of there.

I dont wanna imagine this map in a regular slayer match.

my framerate is good on it so im a fan lol

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I like it for capture the flag, but i agree otherwise

I disagree, it’s still way to big for 1 flag 4v4, it takes forever to get from offense spawn to defense spawn, it’s much larger than Zanzibar or high ground which are good 1 obj maps.