Launch Site Needs to be Removed from King of The Hill Playlist

Just some constructive criticism for the choice to bring Launch site into the KOTH playlist. I find that the map is too large for effective counters on the hill. Either change the scoring condition (time) or remove the map. If my team loses the hill I would like to have a 1 or 2 chances to retake. In the games that I have played, I have only been able to retake once and it was rushed at that. The spawns just do not facilitate the retake of hills after you lose the territory.

I feel like the retake is a vital part of this mode and it is a good measure of a team to have to attack and defend any hill that comes up during the game, I feel it is a better measure of which team is superior. I found that If we got lucky and got spawns on one side of the map, certain hills were a lock for my team to win.

It was hard for me to consider this a 4v4 slayer map and that has continued onto King of the Hill predictably. 343: Please consider its removal or the a KOTH settings change for Launch site only to make it viable. Thank you.


i didnt read your whole post and i havent played it yet buut i agree with the title. koth is notoriously bad on big maps. Too snowballly.

edit- i read the post and youre right. respawning too far away from the hill kills the mode. its ok for a little variety with maybe 1 hill but players should mostly spawn close by the majority of the hills.

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Agree. I’m thrilled that mode is back and available and it plays great on Recharge in particular.

Launch Site and Behemoth… not so much