Launch Site is literally the worst map I've ever experienced in a shooter

Why does this map even exist when there are only two game modes you can play on it, slayer and one flag? Yeah Tac and Fiesta but those are just slayer variants. All the slayer modes EXCEPT for Tactical are an agonizing slog on this map, regardless of how well your team is doing. Even getting a steaktacular takes FOREVER.


Did you ever hear the tragedy of Chiron TL-34?
I thought not. It is not a story ONI would tell you.


This map must have been subsidized by Elon Musk on behalf of SpaceX. In return Elon tweeted “Halo infinite campaign is good.”

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But to be honest?

I was disappointed. I thought upon loading into the map that we got a remaster of Countdown… only to be met with a strange asymmetric map.


Yah Microsoft must’ve asked him to post about it since the game is clearly an incomplete disgrace to the series. You know it’s bad when Elon Musk has to tweet about something to try to give some positive reinforcement. But then again the same company tried to gloat about 20 million players instead of fixing their broken mess.


Fully agree. While the map looks good and even awesome in some areas, the gameplay ist ze Wurst. A random area in Minecraft would provide better gameplay.

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Map looks cool, but would be complete trash in Oddball, Infection, KotH, Strongholds, 2 flag CTF, Stockpile, Assault, etc. MAYBE having 2 man cannons would help make it less asymmetrical, but it’s just camp and snipe from the high ground, and hide in the back in any sort of defense mode. Awful map. Most of the maps are only good for a couple modes, but this one is the worst.

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Slog eh? Worst ever? You must have never played reach at launch without the title update, matches on sword base would finish 32-28 regularly.

But launch site is probably the worst in infinite, as you said it’s literally only made for 2 modes and really even then - so much of the map is NOT utilized at all. If there were heat maps, all the fighting happens around the trench/tower2/tower with exploding barrel. I still hate behemoth more thanks to it’s huge open space and near instant projectile speed of the sniper/br/commando

Gameplay on Launch Site is weird, chaotic and frankly unsuitable for normal modes. Infection could be awesome on this map, but normal modes just don’t feel that good, especially ones that put a priority on vehicles like CTF. The power weapon rotation is anti-everything-that-moves.

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I like the map, I think is big enough for vehicles, gives enough coverage to not be blasted by a sniper across the map, and its asymmetrical shape feels refreshing, unlike behemoth.

It’s a map that would benefit well from an expanded team size. Not quite 12v12 size, but more like 8v8. It’s just too large for 4v4 where players are skulking around the edges of the map.


Your comparing Chirion from CE to Launch Site? Like comparing Rembrandt to children macaroni portraits or kindergarten scribbles.

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It’s not that bad.

Live Fire is way worse.

Launch Site isn’t a Bad map, it’s just WAY too big for 4v4 matches. I’m surprised it isn’t used for 8v8 or 6v6

It’s also:

too Assymetrical with the lower side of the map favoring that team

Too Many spots that encourage camping

**Poor Radar Range makes these issues even more pronounced

This map would be better if it had more of a layout like Sidewinder/Avalanche to create distance between bases with larger regions for vehicle play, OR more Symmetrical ( But larger ) like the similar map from Reach.

A Map like Launch Site with more verticality like the version from Reach would be great for Grapple hook gameplay

Nah. It’s just too big for 4v4, and too small for btb so it doesn’t play well.

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Launch Site seems like a map that is designed for only one specific game mode. That’s probably why it feels so weird when players are forced to play random game modes on it.

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Yeah, it’s obviously way too big for 4v4. It’s 100% a 8v8 map.

I don’t know what they were thinking.

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Launch Site is designed for CTF and Assault, which I Ironically rarely get

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I don’t know Bazaar is pretty freaking horrible. It’s design (or lack thereof) literally punishes any type of movement and only encourages camping.

I’m just pointing out which one is clearly the worst of the bunch.