Launch Day Special, anyone?

Who wants a special copy of Halo 4 if you pre-ordered or bought it on launch day? By special, I mean that it comes with a special cover, kind of like how Battlefield 3’s LE had a shinier cover, or a small bonus, or an avatar item or an in-game armor? I mean ]first day exclusive, not like Reach’s launch day Recon helmet which ended up on every copy for the next 1 and a half years.

I liked Anniversary’s pre-order slip cover

Nah. While those little things are cool, and I would’nt mind having them, I’d much rather play the game. But that’s just my thoughts.

> I liked Anniversary’s pre-order slip cover

I would like one of these for Halo 4 first day release… Of course I did get the limited edition so never mind :expressionless: