Latest Update to the server, Found some Issues.

First of all the Matchmaking have improved Greatly I’m connecting to session in under 5 minutes! finding players in under 15 sec and joining session in 30 to 45 sec! Had about 8 matches in an hour , Everything is working Great! before it was 20 minutes and i wasn’t even sure if i would be in that match or not, Thank you So Much!!! for listening to my Feedbacks. Ok here are some other issues that i ran into, Firstly most of the time connecting to some session fails, not much there but i know it will be fixed, Secondly whenever I’m in the lobby with people it simply leaves them and start searching for other players mostly when searching for other players in the same lobby or when it’s time to vote, Thirdly Halo 3 and 2, when the match is about to begin it stays in the black screen no sound, no nothing i press the guide button and it gives me the pause menu but the match doesn’t continue, some times this happens in the middle of a match but in this case it stays for a while and returns back to the MCC Menu, Forth point is it takes some more time to connect to people while in the loading screen and then it starts to load up the map then the match :), My point of view on this is that the Server need a Little more improvement and then Halo MCC will work like a Charm, and Also Again Thank You So Much! you guys made my day today and I wish to Hear more Great news from you guys, Thank you again and i’ll report back if I see any other Issues.