Latency / lag problems

Are there latency / lag problems everywhere in the world, or french network is the worst ever ? (well lined with 4200 down and 1000 up, soon fiber optic…)
I think it comes from the 343 server, isn’t it ?

It crashes like that (vid starts at 6:10) It pisses me off I wanna throw my controller against the wall grrrr…

Worse ! When it crashes too much as in the vid the server get you out of the game (you can see at 08:30)

I think if you usually play matchmaking you know what I’m talking about, it already happened to all of you.

Is the problem gonna be corrected ?

Jérôme, Fr.

Probably not. Because we need to stop using this ancient method of PnP its pathetic that the most wealthy game studio has no servers… By wealthy I mean they are backer by Microsoft.