Latency issues

I mainly play Team Slayer and Big Team Slayer and noticed I have been getting a lot of assists instead of kills. There’s been quite a few moments where I’ve had the jump on an enemy player getting in the first 2 shots with my DMR only to have him kill me, as if some of my shots aren’t registering. I’ve even had moments where I’ve failed to kill people who appear to be near death because they have that visial indication of their health/shield being depleted. Is this similar to the phantom hit markers on COD due to lag compensation? I don’t see any ping information when viewing the scoreboard, so I’m kind of left in the dark on whether the host is near me or not.

Anyone else having issues?

Yes I have had the same, but 343 has yet to say anything about the problem. I mean a “we are aware of the latency issues and are working on fixing them” would suffice!! Let us know what’s going on.

I feel like if they’re not saying anything about it, they’re not going to be fixed

> You are definitely not the only individual experiencing connection issues with this game; there are countless reports. But it’s not traditional lag [latency] causing these problems, it’s the broken (or cranked up) lag compensation part of the netcode causing so much garbage. You can read through my tread about it and get an idea about how it works, or better said; doesn’t work.