Last Weekly Challenge

Okay so the last of my weekly challenges is to get 5 killing sprees in Fiesta? Are you taking the piss 343? Whoever’s genius idea this whole challenge system is should be thrown under the bus and this should be changed immediately. You have found a way to turn a game with fantastic core mechanics to one that will be struggling to find players to play within a week or two.

Gotta capture the flag for aa challenge but end up in a slayer? Nah ill sit this one out or leave until I get the game mode I need. Need 10 kills with a needler? You think im going to be trying to cap a flag or domination point? LOL. Challenges are going to turn this game into absolute c.a.n.c.e.r (i mean it is already…)

Congrats 343. You’ve ruined Halo.

edit: I guess the “c” word is banned…