Last Update Erased Progression

So not long ago I popped in my Halo 4 for the first time in around 2-4 weeks and the newest update (or second to newest…not sure) was out. So like normal I installed the update. When I went into multiplayer it played the “Intro Video” for first time players who are opening Halo 4 War Games for the first time ever. Only problem is…it was not my first time opening War Games. (I was level 56 or 57 when this happened). For some reason the update put the beginner armor, stance, emblems, etc. on me and set EVERYTHING I had ever unlocked as “new” or “not viewed”. Just now (somewhere around 1-2 weeks since this happened) I went into campaign to work on my Solo Legendary playthrough…and even though I have completely played through campaign and was on the 3rd mission on Solo Legendary it now says I have never played a single mission (but I still have the achievements) and I am set back to “Prologue” and no other levels. Is there anyway this can be fixed? Is there a way someone at 343 can restore it somehow? Or do I now have to restart just because of a “side-effect” from an update? I can provide a picture(s) if need be.

Hoping someone can help,

Update on situation: I was able to hit “Resume Campaign” on the main menu and continue from where I left off, but I am still missing all the levels.

It is unlikely that the update caused it and it was just mere coincidence they happened side by side.

This was a common issue in Halo: Reach and still is in Halo 4, there is no way to restore your campaign data other than playing the campaign again.

I’m not entirely positive about Halo 4, but the cause of it in Halo: Reach was likely a corrupt file within your profile, and the fix was simply to hope that your Xbox hadn’t synced with the servers yet, and restore your profile. I’m assuming because you’ve played for a fair amount of time before the glitch occurred, your Xbox has indeed synced with the servers, and a profile restoration will be of no help.

Sorry, man! :frowning: