Last Stand!

Has anyone played the updated flood lately? I love it! I haven’t enjoyed zombies this much in a long time. I personally feel that it is really balanced. When I play, I actually don’t mind being a zombie and feel like I stand a chance. Sure there have been times when I’ve been on the human side and we outgun/survive the zombies, but I haven’t really had that problem as much when playing as a zombie. The maps are also pretty fun as well. If anyone from 343 reads this—more updates like this would be awesome! Please make another Haunted House map like in Halo 3. But yeah, really enjoying flood. :slight_smile: what does everyone else think?

They actually updated the Flood playlist on March 31st. They added the new Last Stand gametype and new maps for Hivemind. But in my opinion, Last Stand is awesome!

I never liked Hivemind that much because the flood was just weak. And the only level ever to show up was Temple that had the downstairs corner to give the last man 200 points if he knew what to do.

Last stand makes the flood a bit better since they can jump and the humans can’t. And they see all of the players. I like it a lot more. Makes it more enjoyable to be the flood.
Only thing I don’t like in Last stand is the SAW. There’s many more weapons to choose from to the start drop and SAW has to be in almost every map.

I haven’t played Flood in such a long time. I went back to Halo 3 and Reach for Zombies in Custom games. I think I’ll start playing Flood again, the new updates sound like fun. :slight_smile:

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First off, I was underwhelmed with the quality of this title compared to the products that have been released by other studios. On top of that, it seems that they have no interest in creating a game that is fun to play, just one that changes a lot.
Flood was a great style of play in multi-player. However, then they created Hivemind, a game that is obviously designed for people who can’t play flood successfully and were getting frustrated that they couldn’t win as defenders. Well, that’s the whole point, so if you don’t like it, don’t play flood. So now we have to vote with people on the same screen for two game types that are effectively opposites.
My friends and I attempted to be patient and wait for them to see the error of their ways and either split the two games into separate groups or remove Hivemind, all-together. As I mentioned, they don’t have interest in what clients want, so this didn’t happen. What did happen is that they created a new version called Last Stand and dropped that into the Flood section, as well. This version not only includes all of the worst parts of Hivemind, it now makes it next to impossible for the flood to win.
As they have never before accepted input or criticism, I am sure this will land on deaf ears. If anyone would like to join me in sending a message, however, I will be waiting 1 month and then, if same attempt is not made to rectify this situation, I will be selling Halo 4 to a far-off land and I will seriously consider whether to purchase another game that 343 Studios is involved with in the future.
By the way, what other company in the tech world can exist without a customer feedback email address? This is yet another way that 343 demonstrates their lack of respect and general disinterest in their clients.

I hate the new flood, All it is, is campfest. No team work is required just grab an AR and Shotgun and go sit. You’ll win the game basicly every time with the most kills.

> I hate the new flood, All it is, is campfest. No team work is required just grab an AR and Shotgun and go sit. You’ll win the game basicly every time with the most kills.

Are you talking about Last Stand, or Infection in general? I can’t tell.